Weld shear WS 500 M / WS 510 H

Automated and controlled cutting

The weld shear is a lightweight tool for easy carrying and operation. The model WS 510 H has controlled cutting speed to enable a consistent cutting action with automatic rapid retract to speed up the process.
The weld shear is equipped with replaceable blades that can be changed for different rail profiles.



  • Actuation lever controls shear speed and automatically retracts when released
  • Carry handles for easy movement and placement

Rail Puller RP 210 H

Quick and easy setup for stressing rails

The versatile design of the rail puller allows for quick and easy setup for stressing rails. Large cylinders provide 120 t of pulling power with only 2,000 psi / 140 bar hydraulic pressure. Suitable for rails from 90 to 141 lb.


  • Indexable swivel arm allows cutting from both sides of the rail in one clamping process
  • Bell-crank clamp enables precise cutting from a standing position
  • Free floating spark guard protects user and environment from all angles
  • Over-speed valve ensures extended motor and blade life

Rail Aligner RA 100 M

The rail aligner is designed to quickly position the ends of a rail for welding. This tool will help eliminate the use of other methods that increase the likelyhood of injury. The jack feet accommodate anchor plates in concrete ties and prevent movement from side to side.


Flangeway Weld Blocks

Solid copper welding blocks are machined to conform to the rail. The handle allows for convenient and easy transportation. The flangeway weld blocks are available in variable lengths and widths.



Welding seat SW 100

The welding seat provides the welder with a comfortable working position during switch and frog repair. The standard air chuck inlet and the duel female outlets allow for accessories.



Wedge 4476 OOD

Long taper for precision positioning. Long length for use with rail pullers to minimize striking puller while under tension.




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