PortaCo is dedicated to bringing value to its customers.

Our commitment

We strive to serve our customers with products that fulfill their needs safely and efficiently. The ergonomic design helps to minimize the impact on the worker. The reliability assures that it will support any workforce whenever needed.

Our products are specifically designed to assure the safety of the workers. Examples include operation of all tools at only 2000 PSI and automated turn off mechanisms.

Our products are designed to assure the comfort of the workers while using the tools to assure safe operation. Examples are stand up tools to reduce back strain, and cushion grips for operator comfort.

The design as well as the use of high quality components assure exceptional reliability of the products. We stand behind our products by offering an industry leading 2 Year Warranty.

Our products and customer service provide superior value to our customers at a fair price.

We understand that our customers, in addition to safe, ergonomic and high quality products, also expect extensive individual quality service. We pride ourselves on providing dedicated service to all our customers as well as forming long lasting relationships.

For over 35 years the core of PortaCo has been the innovative engineering accomplishments leading to the development of many successful products.

Lead Times
We know how important it is for each of our customers to have the railroad tools at the job site when they are needed. It is always our goal to have the shortest lead time in the industry, typically our main sellers are stocked to ship within 2 weeks.

We stand behind our products, offering an industry leading two year warranty on all railroad products manufactured by PortaCo.

If a product of any brand breaks down we will repair it quick and efficiently to assure its prompt return.


Are you interested in our range of products and services or have questions? Please contact us. We will be glad to help you.