Bridge Inspection

Pile Driver PD 105 H

Fast and efficient pile driving

The pile driver allows the fast and effcient drive of piles, pipes and anchors into the ground. Easily transported by existing high rail equipment so no sight preparation needed like conventional pile drivers.



  • Easily transported via existing high rail trucks no site preparation needed like conventional pile drivers
  • Multi-purpose driving tool enables driving of different section piles

Hook Bolt Wrench WH 400

Safely and effciently holds the hook end of the tie down bolt for the tightening and loosening of nuts. Lugs prevent twisting of the wrench during tightening and loosening. The lightweight design enables ease of use and transportation.



Hook Bolt Drop Wrench WH 100 / WH 200

The hook bolt drop wrench allows the operator to stand on top of the bridge deck when installing and loosening hook bolts. The wrench captures the hook bolt during installation and removal which prevents it from being lost. The tool is available in a right and left hand version.



Pile Turning Wrench G7 4954 OOK

The pile tuning wrench provides a safe and effcient solution to move pilings in an effective and ergonomic way.



Drill Guide DG 100

The drill guide is designed for straight drilling into timbers and to avoid hitting steel girders on bridges. It may be used on 8” or 10” ties.



Rail Guide HR 400

The rail guide stabilizes the rail during loading and unloading.




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