Bull Nose Stone Wrench 65 3714 OOK

The bull nose stone wrench provides a better grip on the stone for removal and prevents damage to the stone.



Stone Wrench 29 3400 OOK

The stone wrench dramatically reduces the possibility of bending, distorting or damaging the spindle when removing the stone. It accommodates a standard 6” cup stone. An optional 4” cup
stone wrench is available.



Hose Sets / Couplers 53 5002 OOK

1/2” by 50 ft hose set, 2,500 psi rating. Comes standard with couplers installed. Custom sizes and lengths are available.



53 5001 OOK

Standard 3/4” inlet swivels to reduce backpressure.
Accommodates 1/2” by 50 ft hose set. Solid steel construction.
Optional ball stop available.



Roll Bar Kit 58 2980 OOK

The roll bar kit limits damage to the power unit in case of a roll over. The rugged tubular steel construction encompasses critical components of the power unit. Roll bar kit is applicable for G-16, G-18, G-21 and G-23 power units.



Flow Pressure Kit MF 15 09 O

The flow pressure kit comes standard in a durable storage case. It includes gauges and valves for testing working flows, supply pressure and return backpressure.




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