Tracksafe Lube

Intelligent lubrication to improve your wheel rail system

Our clever lubrication system can reduce wear on wheels and rails in intensively used section of track, significantly extend rail service time and reduce maintenance costs. The rail lubrication system is suitable for all flat-bottom and grooved rail and can be installed non-destructively, easily and quickly in urban and non-urban areas. The intelligent control enables economic operation and selective grease dosing. The complete system is run efficiently in an environmentally-friendly manner by a solar module, which guaranteeing the power supply for 60 days even in bad weather.


  • Reduction in wear on wheels and rails
  • Intelligent control unit allows monitoring and configuration of TRACKSAFE LUBE from office
  • Energy-saving operation through solar panel
  • Suitable for all rail profiles (tramways and main line networks)
  • Quick and simple installation without the need to drill holes in the rail